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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hemalyke Starstruck Necklace WIP
This is just a little something fun I worked on today. I just finished it a little while ago. I haven't listed it just yet on Etsy. I need to wait until I have proper daylight to take photos otherwise I'll end up tinkering in Photoshop with the saturation and contrast endlessly. Not fun, I say.

The main, large star focal point was a pain in the butt! It's drilled, but I could not get any of my headpins to go through. I guess the gauge of my wire was too big. Sooo... I improvised with a bit of fancy wire wrapping. I rather like it better this way, really. Adds a bit more detail.

Hemalyke Starstruck Necklace Completed & Packaged
It's about choker length? Definitely no more than 16" and made entirely of silver plated and hemalyke beads. Hemalyke, by the way, is nothing more than fancily reconstituted hematite. Essentially it would have the same metaphysical properties as typical hematite. It's just been mixed with a glue and pressed into fancy shapes.

Oh! And I totally forgot to take a picture of it, but there are totally awesome matching earrings that go along with this. Both of which should be posted tomorrow afternoon on Etsy if all goes as planned.


  1. Oh, that's why I kept sneezing this morning.

    Mien shine, yes ? Yes ? *puppy eyes*

  2. Beware, it's a trap!! D=

    ... there's matching earrings even.

    I'm safe until Reyna decides to make something in copper/brass. Or coffee themed. Or death themed. XD