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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fun With Polymer Clay

So I'm pretty much trapped in my apartment currently thanks to the epic weather here in North Texas. Well. Really there's only about two inches of ice on the roads, but Texas is ill-equipped to deal with it. Thus, I am trapped. Also some crazy fun is the rolling blackout that they have going. If you've seen my Twitter account recently, you've already read that ranting, so I'll spare you.

Amaco Polymer Clay Bead Baking Rack
ON TO THE FUN STUFF: Since the power outages means working on Day Job work is nigh impossible, I spent the time playing with my polymer clay I recently re-organized. I am totally in love with my bead baking rack. I've never really made a whole lot of beads that weren't flat shapes because of how the clay bakes. This thing is SO awesome. I managed to get it at Hobby Lobby with a 40% off coupon, and I highly recommend getting one if you want to make your own beads from polymer clay.

I also happened across a really awesome lentil bead polymer clay tutorial recently. Needless to say I am infatuated. Making these beads is addicting! There's just so many different ways to go about it, and so many things you can do with these awesome swirly beads! I'm going to try to make some rainbow swirls next. Totally can't wait!
Assorted Polymer Clay Beads

Which also reminds me ~ I need to replace my pasta roller for my clay. I found the parts, but not the actual... machine. Odd. It's either been tossed out or in storage, and with as far away as my storage unit is it's sadly cheaper for me to buy another than drive out there. Go figure.

Anyhow! Stay tuned for more awesome polymer clay goodness.


  1. Seeing your beads is giving me ideas for my beads. OuO Only ... I don't really like using polyclay. Theoretically. Hrm ... But nice ivory color, with some chinese-y signs stamped in, or hieroglyphs ...

    And, very nice, you can actually see the glitter/pearlescence on those photos! Daylight is best, 'nuff said.

  2. Ironically enough those photos were taken after it was dark outside. I shoved them underneath my lamp. I do quite like them. They're very shimmery and that was just from the clay. I didn't add any powders to it.