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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Setting Up ... Even More Stuff

deviantART Screenshot
Well. The weather has kept me home today and a slow internet connection has prevented me from working in my notoriously slow remote software for work. I've spent most of the time so far tinkering in Photoshop. Graphics for my deviantART journal are super basic so far, but the page is busy enough as it is, I think. For the curious you can visit this page yourself to see what I've been up to at: -- someone already had the name mixedmayhem. Go figure. It looks suspiciously like a dead account, too. Oh well.

Next thing I'd like to work on today is some of my clay beads. Been itching to play with them forever. Although, I might just work on another piece of jewelry first. I'd like to be able to list one thing a day on Etsy to build up my shop's inventory.

Anyhow, that's all the fun I have to update for now. I might post again later when I have more interesting stuff to share. ♥

P.S. It's freaking cold. Silly North Texas. What are you doing snowing like this??

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