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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Art Shop + Other Such Stuff

My new shop!
Once upon a time, in another bit o' web space hosted here on Blogger, I had a sketch blog that I (for at least a small period of time) updated religiously with sketches and the like. I have since deleted that blog and have decided, what the heck! I'll post all my silly sketch-y rubbish here. It will keep me posting and, well, my business is all about my art and creations therein anyway.

Especially since now I have officially opened my second shop on Etsy geared towards my art. I am so utterly pleased with how the images and graphics have turned out. Definitely going to have to overhaul my poor jewelry shop. I have some totally awesome new jewelry to post, too! I just need to get photos done for them, etc. That and I've been trying to hunt down jewelry boxes big enough for it (need something close to 5x7" preferably) that I like. I don't want ugly silver or gold foil. I have some of those. I've contemplated kraft boxes, but .. that's kind of bland. It's a "premium" set of jewelry to include an ACEO, earrings, and matching necklace, so it needs something fancy.

Page 1 of my comic!
I'll figure something out. I think I might go browse the wooden boxes at the local craft stores, but they seem to have slimmed down a bit on their selection. If I find something suitable I would not mind spending time finishing off the box to match my jewelry. In fact, that would look way awesome. ♥

Also of note, I am working on a comic! Sort of! Well. It's a comic, but it's for the game I run on Gaia. I haven't tried my hand at comic making in .... years. So far I like my sketch? Isn't Athan handsome! You know he is for an old cantankerous dude.  X3

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