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Sunday, May 29, 2011


Man, have I ever changed my mind a billion + 3 times over in the last few weeks that have quickly turned into months. I am appeased that in my first year of business I'll probably keep changing my mind and experimenting as I figure out what works best for me. Learning curves are good. Especially when you learn excellent things from them!

I've learned some of this said awesome stuffs from people like Justine Grey with Create Hype. I highly recommend joining her mailing address. Sure, some of the advice you might come across or be linked to is common sense, but it's those little unexpected insights that you might not have thought of before that make it so worth it!

Another great couple of ladies that have fabulous advice are Marie Forleo and Laura Roeder. These girls are amazing and have great tips. I adore them and love reading their newsletters -- which says something, because I'm the sort that deletes newsletter type emails without even opening them!

So yes. Currently, I'm putting together a more cohesive marketing and business plan. I'm really hoping to get into wholesaling some of my work, and I'm also in the throes of planning to attend an anime convention this fall, AnimeFest. I so can't wait! I've got a whole mess of work ahead of me, but it's going to be great. I've already got two awesome ladies to go along with me, Wren and Kitty Martini. We are going to have some serious fun!

Anyhow. Back to the topic of change: expect a bit more of it from me! Shall be sprucing up my blog page in the coming weeks and, if all goes well, working on an actual website to host it at.

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