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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

More Monitor Tinkering + Vintage Glass

I'm still trying to figure out if I can get the two monitors + my laptop to work. I got my package today from with a powered monitor splitter. It was a bit more money than I really wanted to part with at the time, but the cable my boss let me test out at home didn't cut it. Mostly because my laptop didn't have a port for it. Lame. Either way, I figured the powered splitter was a better idea as far as picture quality goes.

Vintage Glass Focal Point Assortment
It looks ... a little grainy in a weird way if you're staring at a solid white background, but the color quality is a lot better so I'm not too concerned. Anyhow. I still haven't figured out if another monitor is going to fly because, well, I'm missing a VGA cable. Go figure, right? Haha. Luckily enough my mom's boyfriend has a spare, and if that fails, I can temporarily borrow one from work. It's not like we're using them since they're hooked up to monitors that are burnt out.

Techie stuff aside, let's talk about these totally amazing bits of glass! They're vintage glass "stones" from the early 1900s. They were a bit of a splurge, but for the quality they were well worth it. Especially since I only paid for five! Look at all those beautiful extras that I ended up with! So excited! Plus, I hadn't bought myself something fun to work with in a while. Most of my money has gone towards necessary things like findings and wire as of late.

My fav of the bunch!
My fav is this smokey, brown, pear-shaped one! It would make for such a magnificent pendant. I'm also really loving the clear round-cut pieces. I think they would be fantastic wrapped into a ring. I've been tinkering with learning how to wire wrap rings, so I'm definitely thinking they shall be some of my first test subjects. Love, love, love the facets!

In other news, I'm definitely looking forward to the weekend. I've a whole mess of work to do, and the convention is drawing ever more closer. This weekend shall be dedicated to updating my portfolio, figuring out the monitor mess, and working on jewelry of course! I have some really bright, whimsy beads on the way. Perfect for the convention. I've been pining for them for quite some time, and I know they'll do great at the show. Anime conventions are all about colorful, brash, showiness.

Previews shall follow this weekend in amongst everything else.  :)


  1. D'aw, lucky you, for the stones to have arrived so quickly. Me, living at the other end of the world as I am, I always end up having to wait at least two weeks whenever I order something from Susan's. *heavy sigh* But it's good to splurge on something fun once in a while. Like a giving a present to yourself. ;)

    Love the new look of your blog, btw! <3

  2. Yeah. I think actually my package might've arrived even sooner. It was small enough to fit in my mailbox. I hadn't checked the mail in a couple of days so there's a distinct possibility that it could've been sitting there during that time. X3

    And thanks! I rather like it. Simple but fun. :D