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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Giveaways Galore!

Hello everyone!

I would just like to say that the past jewelry show last Saturday was an awesome success, and was very encouraging. I've also been invited to participate in further events similar to it, so that is very exciting news. I also have my first prospective hostess for a jewelry party.

These are the findings that are in my friend's giveaway!
Speaking of excitement! A very dear friend of mine is hosting a giveaway on her blog on my behalf. She is giving away some AMAZING brass findings and focals that she has hand painted herself. I don't think I could ask for a sweeter, more sincere friend.

I so adore her style, and that little dragonfly is just to die for. I hope whomever wins these items thoroughly enjoys them. Also, her blog is definitely worth a read. She posts some pretty amazing stuff, and it's bilingual in both English and German, which I find fascinating.

In further giveaway news: I am hosting my own giveaway!

Recycled glass pendant in copper.
In fact, I will be hosting several giveaways! I recently reached 300 followers on Twitter, and my 300th follower received a wire wrapped, upcycled, glass pendant. The next giveaway will be at 500 followers! I will give one away to the 500th follower. If you refer the 500th follower in a #FF (Friday Follow for those not on Twitter) or by mentioning me (username: @mixedmayhem), you'll get one, too!

Also, I've just about gotten 100 'Likes' on my Facebook page. The person who gets number 100 will also receive a free glass pendant. In addition to that, I'll be giving away a second pendant to one of those 100 people! I'm only 25 'Likes' away from this goal, so the giveaway will be SOON! Hurry on over to my page for your chance to win.

The sort of pendants you'll receive are shown in this post. You'll get to choose from silver, copper, or gold colored wire, and what color of glass you'd prefer. The shapes are all pretty random, but you'll get a preview of the pendant prior to it being mailed to you. ♥

If you enter, please be sure to leave a comment on this blog post. I'm going to need a way to contact you should you win.

Good luck everyone!

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