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Friday, December 9, 2011

Impromptu Show & Other Plottings

I'm pretty excited to announce that I have been invited as a vendor at an annual Breakfast with Santa event in Richardson, Texas. It is definitely a last minute sort of deal, so today will be a mad rush once my time with the Day Job is spent. But I'm okay with it!

In fact, I am so thrilled! This is going to be a great opportunity to not only make sales, but connect with people. That's the part that I find the most exciting and enjoyable about shows. I am not an especially social creature, but when I'm talking about my artwork or other creative endeavors I am at my very best.

I'm also hoping to branch out from more than just online sales, and perhaps wiggle my way into a bit of wholesaling at local shops. I'm also working out details to see about hosting jewelry parties/trunk shows where I show up at said party with my displays. I've also been contemplating teaching art classes again.

It should be some pretty interesting stuff, and I've already got a couple of potential clients that want to host a jewelry party with me.

As for other plottings, I'm working out an actual schedule for my blog to be updated. My blog definitely needs more consistent content, and I've got a whole mess of ideas! The roadblock I continuously encounter is not having just a whole lot of free time.

So here's my goal for this weekend:

• Have an amazing time at the jewelry show this weekend no matter what kind of sales I have.
• Figure out my schedule for this blog AND pre-write / schedule them to be posted here on blogger.
• Get stuff moving on my Gaia Online project for Christmas (I love all you guys)
• Clean my room.

That last one is important. Anyone else a neat freak obsessed with organization but still somehow a slob? Yeah. That's me.

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