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Monday, December 5, 2011

Needing Help

If you haven't heard or read about it already, I'm in need of some serious help promoting my Etsy shops ( & I've casually marketed my business prior and networked when time permits on my downtime from my Day Job, but it's suddenly become much more important and much more dire.

Here's why, if you haven't read on Facebook, Tumblr, or deviantART, etc, already:

My mother has been unemployed for a year as of December 1st. She's a marketer/salesperson in the healthcare field. She is phenomenal at what she does, but unfortunately the places she has interviewed with don't seem very keen on actually paying her to sell their products. Recently, she was offered a job, but the offer fell through due to an issue with their insurance considering her un-insurable (not health insurance, but liability insurance for the company).

So for a week or so, we were under the impression she had a job and in two weeks when she got her first pay check everything was going to be caught up and okay. We could finally relax. The relief was immense. We were even discussing possibly exchanging gifts for Christmas, albeit after the holiday when everything went on sale. We even talked about maybe buying new clothes as I've not had proper new clothes in years, and since I've lost some weight, nothing really fits me anymore. Also, most of my work shoes have holes in them.

Yesterday, my mom got the phone call from the physician she was going to work for telling her that she was not hireable due to the insurance liability issue. My mother might not ever be hireable again within her field that she has worked in for the past 20+ years. It took her a year to get that job, and she actually turned down an offer for another job to accept this one. She probably isn't going to get another chance like this any time soon. Today she has submitted 29 applications for employment today alone. I've also been looking for part-time employment in addition to my full-time job.

We can't survive on my income alone. For the past year we've barely scraped by with both my income and her unemployment benefits. Those benefits run out in June 2012. The lease on our apartment, which I can't even afford to pay by myself out of one paycheck alone, terms April 1st.

We are seriously struggling, which is why I am asking for help in promoting my shops. I don't want donations. I'm not begging for charity. I just need a little extra income to make ends meet and to make deposits on a new place to live that is more economical for us. I'd love for you to purchase artwork from me or jewelry, but if you can't afford to do so, please take just a few seconds to post a link to my shop on Twitter or to your friends on Facebook.

It would mean the absolute world to me, and it will make the difference between my mother and I being homeless.

If you do this for me, be sure to comment here or message me on Twitter. I'd be happy to return the favor if you're a fellow small business owner.

Thank you,

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