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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Fun Work

My Saturdays are always busy, but my everyday is very busy. Saturdays are special, though, because that's the day I get to do the majority of my "fun work."

"Fun work" entails, beading, reading tutorials, more jewelry making, taking photos, editing photos, listing items, and working on artwork. My Saturday has the tendency to blur into Sunday mornings depending upon just how late I stay up, but it's a labor of love.

Speaking of love, February is just around the corner. I sometimes seriously loathe how quickly holidays and months creep up, but I've got my eye on you February! Here's what's on my desk this weekend for creating:

Brecciated jasper, garnets, agate, and some blue Swarovski crystal hearts

The piece of agate again, garnet 4mm rounds, Czech glass hearts, and more Swarovski crystals.

Very Valentines-ish, yes? And also very January. I'm lookin' at you, January birthstone babies. ;)

Much love,

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  1. *takes a short break from gaming to steal those Czech heart beads and skitter away with them* >>