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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Navigation Buttons

They're that exciting. No really. Seriously! Check it out. To your left. Yup. I moved the navigation bar. Now for the fun part:

Hover your mouse over those buttons.

Oh yeah. Those are smoking hot rollover buttons. Okay. Maybe not "hot" per se. But they'll do for now.

Yeah. I'm a dork. And I've stayed up too late working on mundane, but necessary things. This blog almost looks like a regular ol' webpage now. And you can easily jump between my pages you probably didn't know existed AND my other related blogs that currently lack posts that you also didn't know existed.

Good times, guys! Time to go clean up the mess in my kitchen (don't ask), and get to sleep. Jewelry stuff tomorrow. It's happening. There will be photos.

Much love!

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