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Monday, January 16, 2012

New Layout + Other Fun Stuff

Just a heads up to everyone: I'm tinkering with my blog layout currently, so if you see something that looks especially hideous ... I'm working on it.  n__n;

I'm hoping to get my blog better organized so that if people want to see just jewelry, they can see just jewelry, and if they're more interested in my art and sketches, they can see just that, etc. Bear with me while I get this all sorted and figured out.

ALSO: I made it into the Bead Soup Blog Party! Whoo! So excited! My partner is from Hungary which is so neat. Other countries have always held such fascination for me. I'm very excited to get to work with Ms. Agnes. She creates amazing seed beaded / woven items. ♥

That's it for now. Stay tuned for the new layout.  :)

Much love!


  1. New blog looks lovely dear. Grats on the soup ! <3

  2. Thanks, sweetness! I think it turned out pretty nice. Just need to get the navigation buttons made to link to the other pages and blogs that go along with this one. ♥

  3. Looks sweet, though I've got some points of constructive criticism. Shall toss them at you after I'm back from work, if I'm still capable of typing then and don't drop dead on the couch. XD;