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Monday, January 9, 2012

Seed Bead Quest ... Over Already?

I imagine I'll still be on an eternal hunt for purple, opaque seed beads, but wow. Do these ever satisfy my need for them currently. I am very, very happy about these beads. I wasn't entirely certain when I ordered them if the dark purple ones were opaque, but they ARE which is so exciting.

Purple seed beads, copper bar chain, and Swarovski crystals.
The other items are lovely as expected. I'm still waiting on the pin vise
and bur cup tool which is a bit of a downer, but oh well. I at least have these pretties~! I will soooo be finishing up my earrings designs with those crystals this week. Totally in love with those colors.

Woven Beaded Natural Ruby Red Garnet Flowers with Burgundy Seed Beads and Handmade Toggle Clasp

Also exciting? I finished this bracelet last night! I had been working on it since Friday, but ohhh how I adore it. It's a strange culmination of things I've tinkered with and learned in the past year: wire wrapping, beadweaving, and a hint at chainmaille. I think I might have to make myself a choker or something in a similar design. But... later. This was a pain in the but. I made every little piece by hand. No head pins, no eye pins. All wire wrapped or woven. I even made the toggle clasp!

That's it for now. I am desperate to get to work on something with those purple beads!

Much love,

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  1. That bracelet blows my freaking mind. Just saying.

    Seed beads also scare me. XD SO SMALL.