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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thinking (and Writing) Ahead!

Pinned ImageYou might not have noticed, but most of my blog posts as of late have been automated. I've been writing them out a day or two before as ideas strike me. This is pretty awesome, because of instead of forgetting about said ideas I actually wrote them out. I'm feeling quite a bit more productive thanks to this.

This method of writing it right now and scheduling it for another date has become extremely helpful. It keeps my blog current, but it also keeps me up to date. The more I write, the more it keeps the ideas flowing for what to write about next! I also quite like having a tentative schedule for certain posts. I don't think I could withstand having a set theme for every day of the week. As much as I am a creature of habit, I am also resistance to things that are… overly structured, I suppose you could say?

I like a good happy medium, and prefer balance above all other things.

The schedule so far is:

Window Shopping Wednesdays: I rarely purchase things (at least not on a whim), but save lists for ideas and projects later down the line when I have more time and/or expendable income.
Friday Features: When I stumble across an inspiring artist or shop, I've just got to share it! I intend to focus primarily on small businesses run by other artisans.

You've already seen a couple of these posts, and they will continue to arrive, without delay, on Wednesday and Friday. The rest of the week ya'll are just going to have to watch for whatever clever ideas I've come up with.

Also of interest, I've started a new project that is still under construction. I'm hoping to have the blog layout spruced up (and this blog, too) by the end of this weekend. If you happen to live in the DFW area (or perhaps even if you don't, if I have my way), you're going to want to read about this! More details will follow in the next couple of days as my project begins officially.

What sort of projects have you started? Got anything planned or are you thinking of trying something new? I'd love to hear about it! Especially if you've blogged about it. Leave me a link to follow.  :)

Much love!

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