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Thursday, September 13, 2012

In The Pink

Pink is not really a color I usually opt for. I usually lean more towards blues and other cool colors, but to have pink hair for a day in Lori Anderson's honor was not something I could possibly say no to.

I've been following Lori's blog for a couple of years now. I was introduced to it through a friend of mine who had heard about the Bead Soup Blog Party.

I definitely stalked the blog in anticipation of joining in on the next blog hop, but then I became a bit more involved by commenting. I quickly noticed how very sweet and genuine a person Lori is. She is a wonderfully caring person. She even sent a personal email to me after some hard times I had posted about in my blog to make sure I was okay. This was totally unexpected, but greatly appreciated.

So, Lori, I just want you to know that you're amazing, and you are without a doubt loved and appreciated for all the things you do. Your blog, the Bead Soup Cafe, and the Bead Soup Blog Party itself have all provided an endless source of inspiration, and I hope to continue participating for years to come.

Much love,


  1. Such a sweet post from a sweet lady to a sweet lady.

  2. The pink looks GOOD! You can rock that -- and you could rock teal, too, if blue is your speed! I'm very honored and touched -- thank you so much!

  3. Bee,

    you look lovely in pink :) What a delightful tribute!!

    big hugs,

  4. You should wear pink more often. Very nice. Wasn't this fun?

  5. The pink looks great on you :) I hope you enjoyed participating :d Thanks for a wonderfully sweet post..I'm sure as soon as Lori finds more tissue to dry her eyes she'll be back to comment ;)

  6. B! It looks good on you. What a nice thing to do. I'm so happy to keep getting to know such a caring group of women.

  7. Love this post. So sweet, but also so very real. And I agree you can pull of both color schemes quite well!

  8. Cute picture!!! Pink could be your new color!!