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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Bead Soup Arrival!

Well hello world! I've been meaning to post this up for a bit, but I've been distracted with work and various projects which I shall get to share with you soon. My soup from my lovely partner Audrey has arrived, and isn't it divine? I'm already working on an assortment of designs with these lovely beads and fibers. <3

Such a pretty pink package! And with an ickle note, too. ♥
Uhm. Yeah. Those chocolates disappeared pretty quickly.  ;)
So. Many. Shines!
Close up of all the pretty beads in their packages!
Well, it's soup! Soup goes in a bowl.  ;)
Close up of the soup. Sigh. It's so pretty! ♥

You can check out what I sent to Audrey by clicking here. And yes, I did in fact send her a pony. I knew she'd give Twilight Sparkle a good home.  ;)

Much love,

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  1. What an amazing soup! Very inspiring. I'm hoping to visit everyone's blog during this great party! I hope you'll have a chance to stop by:
    Later, Billi