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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Cultured Sea Glass Creations

Remember those lovely cultured sea glass beads I had posted about a few weeks back? Here are the finished designs. Some of you may have already seen them on Facebook. ZNETSHOWS was awesome enough to promote my work on their Facebook page.

So without further delay, here are the fun things I created from the lovely beads I received. ♥

Crystal Tassel Earrings

Square Glass, Sea Opal Rounds, and Blue Crystals in Copper

Opera Length Wrap Necklace featuring Chinese Crystal & Glass Pearls

Glass Pearls, Chinese Crystal, and Frosted Sea Glass Earrings

Freshwater Pearl, Sea Opal, & Sea Glass in Copper

Full sized image of the necklace. The copper chain looks a bit dark, but it won't take long for the wire to oxidize.

Sea Glass & Gold Plated Brass. Kind of reminds me of The Little Mermaid.  :)

Close up!  ♥
Earrings to match.

A sort of talisman necklace. The necklace is opera length with no clasp.

Close up of the "charms."

It's a very long necklace. I've been on an opera-length necklace kick here lately.

And of course there are earrings to match!  :D
Thanks so much to ZNETSHOWS for the awesome beads! I had a fantastic time designing with them, and certainly hope to continue designing with these lovely beads in the future. If you'd like to pick up some beads for yourself, I highly recommend that you visit their website.

Much love,


  1. What fun to see how different the same beads can inspire different artists. I love what you did with the shell pendant bead! When you have the time please check out my blog--

    Thanks for sharing your creations.

  2. That last necklace is horrible. Bad bad bad. Ugly. Feel free to send it to me so we can pretend it never happened. Yes.

    << <3 /chuus Very lovely shinies darling, as always.

  3. Wow, you really went to town, B! I'd say the last "talisman" style necklace is my favorite, but I keep going back and changing my mind LOL.

  4. How fun each of your necklaces are and your earrings! Your color combinations are so pretty...