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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Summer Fun

Hello world!

Cabs to be made into rings for her grab bags.
I'm here again trying to update my blog. I'm scheduling a few posts to try and keep the content coming. I have lots of fun things to share, but I am the worlds worst about forcing myself to sit still long enough to share those things outside of quick posts on Facebook.

Recently, I helped a lovely friend get ready for the artist alley at A-kon. I can only imagine what that was like at the new hotel this year. It's always interesting when a show switches venues. My mind is still boggled at the idea of an anime convention being held at a place as ritzy as the Hilton Anatole in Dallas, but I digress.

So many cute little cabs!!
I had a great time helping her put together swag for her show. She had the cutest stuff! I fell in love with these little faux druzy acrylic hearts, so you can bet I bought some for myself. I have NO idea what I'm going to do with them just yet.

I have them hanging out on my mess of a desk so I can think about what to do with them. I think I may have to send a few to Audrey. She is much more an assemblage artist than I. Of course, I certainly bought more than just a handful of hearts. I snatched up these keys, and man do those Czech glass beads look good next to them! Totally hadn't noticed that until after I had taken the photo.

 Earlier this week I got an email inviting me back to to do a blog hop with ZnetShows. I've had the pleasure of working with their beads before, and I am super excited about this! I was paired with Klaudete Koon, and we each got to pick out beach themed beads from a catalog to send to each other. I cannot wait!

On top of that awesome news, I was contacted on Friday by a magazine who wants to publish photos of the sari ribbon earrings I made from the last Bead Soup Blog Party reveal. Woah! This is serious! I've never in my life had any of my jewelry published. I have previously had some of my art showcased in shows, but never anything like this in print. I am so excited I can't stand it. The issue will be published in October. I'll have more info to share on it then. 

Wow. So much going on right? I think I'm on the right track.

Much love,


  1. Dear Feedly. Why did you not show this post despite me having subscribed to this blog. I smite you with my Efil German Powerz.

    Other than that, great news~! :) Also, give me a holler if you're looking for anything specific Czech. Last year, Beader's Best had 5 Czech vendors, I'm guessing this year it'll be the same if not more. Still need to blog about me going there, meeting amazing people and acting a translator.

    Someone kick my ass please.

    1. Hmmmmm. I do quite like these cathedral beads. I am also eternally infatuated with the picasso beads and floral shapes. ouo <3

      And yes plz blog updates are good.