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Monday, June 10, 2013

ZnetShows June Challenge - The beads are here! Woohoo!

The beads from the ZnetShows June Challenge arrived today! I was so excited to get them. They were definitely the pick-me-up I needed after waging a small battle with my vehicle. Long story short, I had to have the darn thing towed, but thankfully a friend fixed what needed fixing. After that stressful ordeal, and I am very much looking forward to designing with these beads.

The challenge them is "The Beach." I was paired with Klaudete Koon, and these are the beads she picked out for me based upon one of the pictures from the ZnetShows Design Inspiration board on Pinterest. I am so super excited about them!

So. Many. Things. OuO <3

Those black nuggets are dyed howlite. Those will be very fun. ♥

Lots of beautiful crystal and glass pearls.
IT'S A SKULL. You have no idea how much this excites me.
Can't wait to get started! I have some great ideas so far. Some of them will have to wait at least for a little bit. Thanks to being outside for way too long I'm feeling a little under the weather due to my allergies flaring up. Anyhow. Expect more updates of shiny things soon. ♥

Much love,


  1. Hahaah, and I first thought I was seeing things when I thought that one bead looked like a skull. I mean. You know me. And skulls. XD Can't wait to see what you'll create with all this. <3

    1. I first thought they were just polka dotted, but then I took a closer look and literally squealed when I realized that they were skulls. Hee! I'll have to send you one. ♥

  2. was stopping by to see what you had created.. will check back later.. love those skull beads. lol