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Saturday, March 22, 2014

BSBP Soup Arrival!

I received my soup for this round of the Bead Soup Blog Party from my partner Dhea Powers on Monday, and oh man am I feeling terribly spoiled. She sent me some seriously beautiful things to work with. And not only that, she sent me two different batches of soup; one as a challenge, and one for comfort of things I am more familiar with.

Here's her challenge to me:

Artisan polymer clay beads & matching pendant, vintage crystals, plus Tiara & Swarovski crystals in black.
And let's not forget that three stand clasp! Pink isn't usually my color, but I so love the combination with the earthy beige and black.
Still in awe at how pretty those polymer clay beads are. Dhea mentioned that she loves those beige vintage crystals. I am inclined to agree!
Next, she sent me a batch of soup with ingredients she thought I would feel most comfortable with. Such a sweet gesture! I really like the idea of "comfort soup." That totally needs to be a thing I do next time around.

Dhea sent me gemstones, bone, natural seeds, two toggles clasps, and some vintage lucite!
Bone feathers, red aventurine, agate rounds, agate toggle clasp, vintage lucite, and look at that big silver clasp! There's a signature on the back of it, so I'm willing to bet it's PMC/artisan made.  :)
Those big seeds are going to be such a challenge! I work with mostly tiny things. Really love that turquoise magnesite slab and matching beads.
This batch has a very southwest / Native American feel to me, and I love it!
Aren't these beads divine? I'm already busy dreaming up all sorts of beautiful things, and I'm certainly looking forward to the challenge of working with some of these chunkier beads. I'm excited, and I hope you are, too!

Also, don't forget to check out Dhea's blog so see the beads I sent her.  :)

Much love,


  1. Yay!!! I hope you have fun B!! I'm really looking forward to cooking up the soup you sent me. I didn't realize I gave you a challenge in the comfort soup too. LOL! I know you will do amazing things with it!! XOXO

  2. Hahah, I LOVE the idea of a "comfort soup"! And I love the southwestern feel it has.

    Your regular soup would give me trouble, I'm not too fond of polymer clay beads, it's just something about their plasticy feel and how lightweight they are ... Though I've seen some absolutely gorgeous stuff made with polyclay. And that beige. *shudder*

    Can't wait to see what you'll do with these.

  3. wow I am loving each and every bead here! lucky girl!!!

  4. These are truly wonderful soups! You may be surprised once you start working with the "pinks" how fun it is... pink is way down on my list of colour choices, but these particular components have a dramatic yet funky look :) Can't wait to see your reveal on May 3rd!