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Saturday, May 10, 2014

8th Annual Bead Soup Blog Party Reveal!

Hello, darlings!

Today's the day we've all been waiting for: the big Bead Soup Blog Part reveal! Are you excited? I know I am! Just a quick recap, here's the soup that my lovely partner, Dhea Powers, sent me:

This was my challenge soup she sent.
And this was to be my comfort soup; things that I'm more familiar working with.
I've been really strapped for time thanks to moving and still being in between places (and between states for that matter, lol), but here's what I managed to cook up for this round of the Bead Soup Blog Party.

First, I wanted to make sure I worked with everything in the "challenge" soup my partner had put together for me. I immediately dove in and used the polymer clay focal and matching beads. They are so lovely, and have such a nice, soft, matte feel. I really wanted to bring out the pink, so I added some hot pink rubberized glass beads.

This necklace features the focal Dhea sent me along with the matching accent beads.
The photos were a little dark, but for some reason I couldn't get the camera to really pick up the neon pink color of the beads I added to the design. They came out pastel and barely there when I was outside, even when adjusting the white balance.
I chose a floral toggle clasp from my own collection to match with the flower-theme of the piece.
And of course I just had to make matching earrings.
Then I moved on to the black Tiara crystals that Dhea had sent. I work with Tiara crystal fairly often (thanks ZNETSHOWS! ♥), so this was a lot of fun. I just so happened to have some black Tiara crystal in my collection of beads already, so I paired them up to create a couple of necklaces along with some extra violet Tiara crystal and Czech glass.

I turned the little black moons into focal points with some dangly wire wrapped beads.
Kind of reminds me of Sailor Moon. Don't judge me. I'm getting ready for several anime conventions. ;)
And a heart clasp in a matching gunmetal tone. ♥
Then I used my last two black round crystals Dhea sent me in these earrings.
The earwires were also made by hand by me.  :)
 I decided I liked this necklace so much, that it ought to have a twin. I'm actually considering making some Sailor Moon-esque illustration to match both pieces for the upcoming anime conventions I'm going to. Should be super cute! Here's my first moon necklace's twin:

This one has far less bead work (and oops... forgot to take a picture of it with the clasp!), and I used shiny silver instead of gunmetal alongside some glass pearls and more black Tiara crystal.
It's a little different from my usual fare, and I do so like dangly beads and chains, lol.
Of course, since the other necklace had matching earrings, this one clearly needed a matching set, too.
I think I may have to shorten the chains a bit. These came out a bit longer than I anticipated.  X3
After this, I still had the lovely clasp Dhea sent and the vintage Swarovski crystals to work with. I was briefly stumped on what to make out of them. I really wanted to create something that did them justice. I managed to find some matte bone colored Delica beads in my collection, and I also realized the crystals had the same sheen and finish of some of my mother of pearl beads. The clasp was meant for something with multiple strands, so I decided a bracelet had to be made.

I may have already worn this bracelet to work. Like... the very next day after I had finished it.
It's so shimmery and classy. I love it!
Yup. I totally snuck in a pair of earrings.  ;)
At this point, I had used up every single bead in the challenge soup. Time to move on to the other stuff! I decided I definitely wanted to work with those large nut/seed beads. They are way cool looking, and the size was much larger than what I am accustomed to, so it was a fun to tinker with and figure out how to put it all together.

I turned the seeds into focals, added a bit of vintage lucite (that Lori had sent me in a Cup of Bead Soup from ages of ago, even), some textured rings, used two of the beautiful agate rounds Dhea sent, plus the red aventurine, and finally another pop of turquoise blue from seed beads and magnesite from my own stash.

They're so pretty and glossy and ... wow! Definitely a statement piece.
A little more detail. I really love how this piece came together. It is very "southwest," which I love. Because, guess where I'm from?  ;)

I love how the colors pop. So bold!
I picked out this rope clasp to match the textured rings. I think it really matches the southwestern look.
You know at this point I couldn't pass up the oppurtunity to make matching earrings. :)
The agate rounds were from Dhea, the rest was from my stash. ♥

I still have about two to three designs planned out for the remaining beads I didn't quite get to. So, expect a second helping of soup in the next couple of days.  :D

In the meantime, don't forget to visit my partner, Dhea Powers, and for a full list of the other participants, stop by the hostess' blog and visit the lovely Lori Anderson.

Much love,


  1. Wow! Amazing job as usual B! I especially love the second moon necklace you made with the black crystals and dark pearls. The pink necklace is fun too. That soup would have been a challenge for me.

  2. They are all great pieces. I can't decide which I like more - the bracelet or the nut necklace (I love the gradient from the orange beads).

  3. I think the polymer clay pieces would have stumped me for sure, but you totally ran with it. Those bright pink beads were just the perfect thing to go with them. I think you captured their neon-ness just fine. It looks quite bright to me. All of your pieces are really marvelous, but I especially like the black and violet necklace. I don't know much about Sailor Moon, but I just think it's pretty! ;)

  4. So well done! I love eveey single piece you made.. mostly the southwestern look necklace with the seeds focal. Stunning!!

  5. Everything is lovely. You did a wonderful job with your challenge soup. And the comfort soup work is dazzling. Of course, I may be biased because those are my comfort colors too.

  6. What great designs! I love how you went with the pink and ran with it. That set is even something this nonpink girl would wear.

  7. Wo-ow, you have been super productive with your bead soup. *envies* The first piece made me go "Ack, PINK! o.o" – I never would have thought of pairing that focal with neon pink beads, hahah, but it works, quite nicely in fact.

    Love how classy the silver-and-black pieces are looking, and that multi strand bracelet.

    That last necklace and the earrings are right down my alley. I already loved the southwestern feel of that "comfort" bead soup when I first saw it. :D


  8. Wow, so many great pieces. I love how they are each so unique.

  9. Well for someone who was very busy moving, I would say you got a lot done. I love the pink set and the cream set. So dreamy! Excellent work! Thanks for joining and posting!

  10. So many beautiful pieces but the last set with turquoise is an eye catcher! Beautifully done!

  11. You finished many beautiful designs for someone "in between"!

  12. Love both your soups and you made beautiful pieces with all. I am drawn to your challenge set, very pretty.

  13. I love that you created sets for each idea, every piece is so beautiful, but I am a sucker for neon colors and cherry you can imagine my favorite is the first set!

  14. wow - hot pink would be hard to work with! great job rising to the challenge! I really love the jet bead creations, and the final colorful turquoise and brown set, but that multi-strand white-cream bracelet is awesome! Just gorgeous!

  15. All your creations are beautiful! I like how you used the polymer clay with the addition of the rubberized glass beads, it's a bold pink- I think those are the same beads at the stores that I always have to touch... lol The tiara crystals are just spectacular! But I really like the necklace with the pops of turquoise. It just pops with the earthier beads. Absolutely beautiful.

  16. Oh, wow, you have beautifully used your soups! I love how you designed that hot pink necklace - that would have been a challenge for me, as I don't get pink at all :) Love all your designs - and the fact you added so many earrings that can mix and match with the necklaces :) Beautiful work!

  17. B you did a WONDERFUL job!!! I love them all... and wow, look at all the gorgeous jewelry you made. Yay!! I think my top favorite (hard to pick because I like them all) would be the bracelet you made with the vintage crystals and the matte bone beads. LOVED it!! I had fun... you have been a wonderful partner. THANK YOU!!!

  18. It was a fun idea to have a challenge soup and a "safe" soup You did an amazing job with both! The hot pink would be hard to work with - but I really like what you made!

  19. Love the crystals and pearls of your first pieces. Very ritzy looking. But I particularly like the more casual piece with the turquoise and oranges. Great job!

  20. The pink necklace is absolutely lovely (my favourite colour). I'm impresses that you made matching earrings to go with each piece - each pair is so pretty.

  21. You've made such a lovely lot of jewellery. I love the pink necklace - and how you kept it simple but added that bold pop of neon pink. So very pretty!

  22. Gasp so many gorgeous pieces! I think you did a stunning job with the pinks and creams. The beautiful PC focal looks completely at home. And wowee your moon necklaces are fab!

  23. What a beautiful soup, and I love all your amazing pieces, B. Those southwest designs are my faves, but everything rocks (and you will have everyone jealous at the anime conventions when you wear your Sailor Moon jewels) :)

  24. Amazing work. Hat's off to you for getting all of this done and moving too! Very fun pieces! I especially like the pearl bracelet.

  25. Squeeee!!! LOVE your soups, and LOVE what you did with them! (and I would *never* judge anyone for attending an anime convention...I'd just beg you to take me with you!) You rose to the challenge of that "challenge" soup beautifully - I simply cannot pick a favorite - everything you made is fantastic, and enhances the beauty of the beads perfectly.

  26. all creations are great but the pink, strong set has stolen my heart!

  27. Love the southwest piece you made with the Kukui nuts. The variegation in the adventurine looks like a sunset. Just lovely.

  28. Hi B, The polymer is wonderful and the rubberized beads coordinate well. I like the dangles off the center of the second black necklace. It draws the attention to the center. I think Znet's crystals are great too. Your multi-strand bracelet looks elegant and it really lets those Swarovski's shine. The turquoise color you chose in the southwest set really showcase those lovely agates well. Great job using your soup.

  29. Hi darling, sorry im late. Drama and my uterus are trying to kill me. You know how it goes. Anyway ! I love that darling little focal and how you used it. Pretty sure you can see these neon pink beads from space. XD

    Hmmm, Sailor Moon would do really good at cons this year too, with the reboot coming up. Im sure they will all find owners pretty soon, if you do decide to sell them !

  30. The first necklace is so fun, I love the way you enhanced the beauty of the polymer beads with your neon pink ones, great idea, love the result!
    The bracelet is so classy and chic, wonderful!
    Love the last one, perfect combination of colors and shapes, it is indeed very bold and states "I am beautiful and warm!".
    You should make more of the sailor-Moon-esque necklaces, they are so beautiful!
    Good luck with the rest!

  31. that bracelet is YUMMY! oh my goodness!! no words....just wow. incredible!

    Linda A.

  32. So many different pieces, so many different styles and all so beautiful, I couldn't pick a favorite, I love the fun, the elegant, the earthy, I love them all!

  33. Very nice collection. I love the black necklace with the little violett crystal. That's the jewel in the crown!

  34. Some really nice pieces! I have to say that white bracelet is my absolute favorite! I would have worn it as soon as I finished it! So cool and refreshing the white and looks sort of shimmery maybe. Also fell in love with that twin necklace to the sailor moon. Love that focal and matching beads! Nice soup you got there!

  35. I absolutely LOVE your pieces. The matte in the pink necklace is unexpected but wonderful, and that white bracelet....le sigh. that violet with the black is great as well. All around spectacular job (did I use enough adjectives?)

  36. I love all your creations - from the bold pink necklace and earrings through the "little black" pieces, the very elegant cream color bracelet & earrings to the extremely attractive color combo of the last necklace and earrings!

  37. The seeds paired with the magna site and turquoise colored seeds is gorgeous. Very striking, love that. Great soup! Lori's got some great vintage beads doesn't she?!