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About Me

Hello! I'm B! Yes. That is the name I go by. The only people who usually call me by my full name are my close family members. A friend of mine in high school started referring to me as 'B' and the name stuck. If you're involved in the Bead Soup Cafe or Creative Bead Chat on Facebook, you've seen me around as Bee Kuhlman. Facebook doesn't like my initials. Go figure!

How my blog started and what it's about:
I started this blog originally on a whim. It evolved from an older blog that featured just sketches of mine which is now defunct. My focus shifted more on jewelry design in the past couple of years, thus spawning this blog's focus on homemade jewelry.

My current goal is to share jewelry design ideas with other designers, beginners, and to network with other artists. I've gotten to know some really wonderful people through my blog and through the communities of other blogs. I would like to be able to foster a similar atmosphere, and I hope that my journey towards becoming entirely self-employed artist will help others who are also interested in working for themselves full-time with a product-based business model.

A little more about me:
I'm originally from a very small town in Oklahoma, but I went to school and still reside in North Texas. I used to live in Fort Worth, but have most recently returned to the Dallas area. I now happily live with my awesome roommate in Garland.

For those who are curious about my business name, Mixed Mayhem Studios, it's actually a homage to both 'mixed media' and Oklahoma (hence the tornado logo). Mayhem is appropriate, because generally my craft space looks like a tornado wrecked it whenever I'm in the throes of a project.

How to contact me:
If you're looking to contact me regarding commissions or wholesale jewelry orders the best way to get a hold of me is through email. I check my email regularly, so it's unlikely your message will get lost in the shuffle. If you just want to say hello, feel free to chat with me on Twitter. I don't always post on Twitter, but I get messages directly to my phone, so I am sure to reply quickly. ♥